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The Warchery Game Mode

Which Class will You Choose?

Choose your class wisely brave Warcher as it will be what you train as every time you come to Warchery. Each class has 15 levels design to improve your skills with your chosen class. Are you a natural Warrior, or Hunter?

You are able to pick another class at any time but you will need to start at level 1. Once you choose your class you will have a class challenge to complete on your first day at Warchery. Good luck!


The Warrior descends from the Ancient Spartans themselves, the Warrior prides himself on his Strength and Agility. A true Warrior listens to his gut in the heat of battle taking risks others would not, often giving him or her the advantage on the battlefield. Learn to be brave and daring to become a great Warrior


Special Abilities


Level 5 – “Second Wind” – Hit with an arrow? Your out! Or maybe not… you will have one chance to hit the person that hit you with one last arrow, manage this and they are out and you are back in the game!

Level 10 – “The Red Arrow” – Otherwise known as the explosive arrow hit an opponent with this arrow and if there is another opponent within 5 feet of the target then they are out as well!

Level 15 – “This is Warchery!” Shout these words at the top of your lungs and watch the arrows bounce off of you. You become Invincible for 10 seconds, more than enough time to take some enemies out!


The Hunter class hails from the Vikings. Hunters pride themselves on their intelligence and focus. Often louring their eager enemies into the open before unleashing a barrage of projectiles from cover. Learn to our think your opponents to become a great Hunter.


Special Abilities


Level 5 – “Dodge This!” – Take your secondary weapon and see how much damage you can cause. Hit your opponent and they are out!

Level 10 – “Wolf Whisle” – A Hunters Wolf Whisle should be heard across the battlefield. Successfully perform a wolf whistle and the person you are currently engaged with needs to break cover and cannot hide behind any bunker for 10 seconds. Talk about sitting a duck!

Level 15 – “The Green Arrow” otherwise known as The Roots Arrow affects everyone within a 5 foot radius of where it lands or the target that it hits. This arrow roots your opponents to the ground preventing them from moving for 10 seconds.